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Is this really more sanitary?
We think this is a much better option. With the Spray Away, there is never a reason to touch residue to the bristles if used properly. Let's face it, cleaning the toilet isn't the most sanitary task in the world. While removing residue with a standard brush, the bristles touch residue 100% of the time, and very often it gets stuck in the bristles. You then clean the toilet with that very same dirty brush. We solved that problem. No more touching residue. No more weekly cleanings with residue in the bristles. No more toilet brush sitting next to the toilet with residue on it!
But aren't you spraying toilet water?
Well technically, yes. Understanding how pipes in the house work should help you understand this really is much better than actually touching residue though. Usually in a bathroom there is a toilet and a sink right near it. The water that flows in the pipes is the exact same water that goes to both of them. The only difference is, some water exits the pipes through the faucet of the sink, and the other through the toilet. We feel that after we flush, the clean water (the same water that we drink) that enters the toilet is only in there for a matter of 2-3 seconds before being taken in by the brush. We believe using this water is a much better option than actually touching residue and possibly getting it stuck in the bristles.
Is it powerful enough to actually spray away residue?
Yes! Of course! If used immediately after going to the bathroom/flushing, we have never had an instance where the brush couldn't remove residue using the spray feature. If the residue has been sitting there for a long period of time, you may need to scrub with the bristles. We have a video showing with a 6measuring tape, the brush spraying water over 30 feet.
Is there splashback?
Over two years of trials we never experience splashbacks. This brush is 100% user operated, so you are in control of this. You can get as close as you want to the residue, and even spray it from under water depending on your toilet. As long as it is used correctly, this is not a problem whatsoever! 
How long does the sprayer work for?
The truth is, we are not 100% sure. There is an o-ring and lubrication in the tube. We have used the brush for over 6 months and not had a problem. During prototyping, we actually did have an issue with a prototype due to not using lubrication. One thing we realized was putting a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, or some form of lubricant into the toilet, and then taking it in and out with the brush a couple of times, helped the brush perform great again. We do recommend changing any toilet brush at least every 6 months anyways, but we know it will become tempting to keep much longer now that your Spray Away won't look as dirty!
Any more questions not answered here?
Please email us at anthony@ordersprayaway.com.